This exhibition is a customized portrait series, predominantly composed of works by Russian artists at the Avery Portrait Gallery in the United States. The Avery Gallery will present special exhibitions of American artists and Italian artists of different styles. Indeed, the artists’ works truly show that portraits are no longer defined as ‘reproduction’, but a capturing of something more than just a person’s literal likeness. The observatory of a subject within portraiture is free and unrestrained.

The Avery Gallery, located within the 60 acre Avery Manor on Avery Avenue is an esteemed member of the American Portrait Society. The Gallery boasts a collection of over a thousand works of art, drawn by artists all over the globe. Fundamental to the gallery’s design is the art of classical realism; the gallery provides a customized portrait service for the world’s elite. Having enveloped the experience of numerous European and American customized portrait commissions, the Gallery has created a bespoke, tailor-fit process to provide the very best custom portrait service to clients. Dozens of full-time artists work for our firm; including ones from the United States, France, Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom and China. Each artist is a graduate of a top art school, and all work in the aforementioned field exclusively for the Gallery. Avery Gallery currently has studios in St. Petersburg, Hong Kong and Beijing.

With a monochrome background, viewed from the side, lips partially open and a cool and sincere stare at the viewer, the portrait of Ms. Yaxing is an attractive one. The exquisite painting technique is not only captivating from a detailed inspection up close, but also from afar. Indeed, Ms Yaxing’s skin appears to shine from afar, inticing the viewer to see more. “Sometimes I look at this painting and I feel more like myself than I do in the mirror. The portrait is the person I identify with in my heart. The artist drew her out.”